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Minor Greasemonkey Tweak to MSU Course Scheduler

October 10, 2009

Every time I use the MSU Course Scheduler, I may or may not remember to click the “View all results on one page” checkbox.  It’s a small pet peeve, but Greasemonkey comes to the rescue.  This simple Greasemonkey script will set the checkbox whenever the page is loaded.

Using Xournal to Annotate PDFs

September 13, 2009

Just came across an open source tool that allows easy annotation of PDF files: Xournal. One can add text, sketches, and highlighting and then export the result to a PDF.

Todo: Find a good time management tool

August 30, 2009

I just started using the web-based todo list manager Remember the Milk.  It is pretty nifty.  It allows categorization and tagging of todo items, defaulting to categories of personal, study, and work.  Todos can have due dates and be assigned one of four priority levels.  You can set due dates by typing things like “next fri”, which is really neat.  They have a Firefox addon that shows one’s todo’s in Gmail.  In my cursory search of online tools, Toodledo is a stiff competitor to Remember the Milk (RTM), but it just so happens that I signed up for RTM first and I prefer its clean look and AJAX-y interface.