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Mute annoying commercials

March 15, 2010

I love Pandora and I think they do a great job of monetizing their service.  The $1 surcharge on heavy use is pretty minimal and their audio ads are short and fairly infrequent.  However, I keep getting one audio ad that I absolutely hate but cannot ignore.  It pulls my attention away from what I’m doing and I am compelled to either take my headphones off or mute the sound to avoid accumulating aggravation.

The duct-tape solution for my Ubuntu box is a script that simply mutes the sound for 30 seconds.  I link to the script with an icon on Gnome’s toolbar and also map it to “CTRL-M” to allow for quick activation.  The script is below; the only thing you might need to do is change the soundcard index (the “0” in “-c 0 …”) on your system.

amixer -c 0 sset Master,0 mute
sleep 30
amixer -c 0 sset Master,0 unmute

Nerdcore and more

November 30, 2008

I just discovered MC Frontalot last week, and am totally digging on his album Secrets From The Future.  Got a chance to see him on Friday after a showing of Nerdcore Rising.  I also discovered that BBS still exist via Telnet, and have been wasting time playing The Pit and Land Of Devastation.


Creative Zen on Hardy Heron Ubuntu Linux

September 27, 2008

An upcoming trip to DC motivated me to search for ways to upload videos on my Creative Zen mp3 player.  While Gnomad2 is good for managing audio, it doesn’t yet handle video uploads.  All the applications referred to are available through the Synaptic package manager.