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How to Upload One File to Amazon Glacier, for Paranoid Developers

September 30, 2012

Amazon Glacier can be used as a data sanctuary-of-last-resort.  The API is simple and Amazon’s AWS offerings inspire Google-level confidence.  While gleeful to augment my collection of ad-hoc backup methods, I was also wary of trusting the github projects that were sprouting like dandelions.

But eventually my old Ubuntu distro wore out, and I decided to create my own Glacier “client” before upgrading.  Its mission: upload one file to Glacier.  No GUI, no command-line interface, not even a progress bar. Lo and behold, Amazon has a tutorial for exactly this.  If you are familiar with the Java/Eclipse (or .Net) ecosystem, then you too can roll your own archival tool with very little time investment and no third-party vendor lock-in.