Mute annoying commercials

I love Pandora and I think they do a great job of monetizing their service.  The $1 surcharge on heavy use is pretty minimal and their audio ads are short and fairly infrequent.  However, I keep getting one audio ad that I absolutely hate but cannot ignore.  It pulls my attention away from what I’m doing and I am compelled to either take my headphones off or mute the sound to avoid accumulating aggravation.

The duct-tape solution for my Ubuntu box is a script that simply mutes the sound for 30 seconds.  I link to the script with an icon on Gnome’s toolbar and also map it to “CTRL-M” to allow for quick activation.  The script is below; the only thing you might need to do is change the soundcard index (the “0” in “-c 0 …”) on your system.

amixer -c 0 sset Master,0 mute
sleep 30
amixer -c 0 sset Master,0 unmute

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3 Responses to “Mute annoying commercials”

  1. Andy Shank Says:

    This worked great, and was very helpful – thank you!

  2. Matt Says:

    I concur, worked great for me!

  3. epidote Says:

    great minds!

    on a mac….

    Use Automator to create a service that runs this applescript

    set myVol to output volume of (get volume settings)
    set volume 0
    delay 30
    set volume myVol / 10

    Then in System Prefs in Keyboard > Keyboard shortcuts add a shortcut to the service.

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