Solving equations with exponential and polynomial functions of x: the Product Log Function

I was trying to solve an equation of the form cx^p=q^x for x, but couldn’t figure out how to do the algebra needed to isolate x.  The actual problem was to find when an algorithm with O(n^2) runtime performance would have a shorter runtime than an algorithm that is O(2^n).

Text-based searches weren’t turning up anything, so I tried to see how Wolfram Alpha would solve it.  Turns out there is a neat tool called the Product Log function, aka the Lambert W function, that can be used to find a closed-form solution to this equation.  The Wikipedia article explains the solution method, but you basically need to reorganize the original equation into the form y = x e^x using algebraic and logarithmic operations and then x=W(y).  Note that the solution may not be unique; W(y) is a multivalued function.

Of course, for my original problem where I was actually trying to find the closest integer less than or equal to x, and given that q^x grows rather quickly, it is sufficient to use a spreadsheet to calculate the two sides of the original equation for all small values of x.


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