Penumbra – First Person Horror Game on Linux

I just finished the first three installments of the Penumbra series.  Verdict: this game is great for the price!  It has a neat physics engine that allows manipulation of objects in the environment, so you do need to get comfortable with stacking boxes :)  It has good gameplay (running in terror from zombies while looking for an exit in the beam of your flashlight– no uzi’s in this game), and a decent plot.

I heard about it on Slashdot, where they were advertising a $5 special weekend deal.  It’s a no-brainer to support a small gaming company that takes the trouble to port to Linux, especially at that price.  I downloaded the demo to check out the gameplay and make sure it would run on my system, and then paid my $5 and downloaded the trilogy.

The second episode is by far the best, with the most varied environments and best gameplay.  The third episode was a bit of a let-down after the second, it being mostly physics puzzles without much of a plot.  Still, even the second episode is worth the price.  If you do buy the trilogy, I would recommend playing the tutorial at the beginning of the third episode to familiarize yourself with the more advanced control behaviors.

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