Nerdcore and more

I just discovered MC Frontalot last week, and am totally digging on his album Secrets From The Future.  Got a chance to see him on Friday after a showing of Nerdcore Rising.  I also discovered that BBS still exist via Telnet, and have been wasting time playing The Pit and Land Of Devastation.

The Nerdcore Rising documentary was decent, probably worth watching if you’re fascinated by the whole nerdcore movement.  MC Frontalot, YTCracker, and MC Lars played a show afterwards.  MC Lars had trouble with his iPod in the middle of a song and freestyled for a couple minutes as he tried to troubleshoot it.  Front’s drummer and bassist lay down some amazingly funky rhythms and helped me stay interested when I wasn’t familiar with a particular song.  Check out videos of It Is Pitch Dark (great song, so-so video) and Bizzaro Genius Baby (great song, great video), both by MC Frontalot.

The BBS thing is a blast from the past.  I’ve got accounts on,, and  Unfortunately, I found that The Pit is basically just a level grind, which is too time consuming when you’re not 10 anymore :)  Land of Devistation is still fun, and I’m mostly playing on etow.  Note, you should check out the SyncTerm BBS software if you have trouble with how the BBSs display in your terminal.

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